Why Chlorophyll?

Antioxidant & Cleaning Superfood.

The key ingredient of Verday is chlorophyll, the green nutrient found in most plants. Many remember from middle school that chlorophyll is the "Building Block of Life", responsible for absorbing the sun's light and converting it into energy via photosynthesis. Chlorophyll is considered a super food by some. Its powerful antioxidant and cleansing properties have made it a popular in with wellness experts and health conscience consumers for generations.

Helps Curb Hunger and Cravings

One of the exciting benefits of Chlorophyll is that it can promote a healthy weight. According to research in 2014, when Chlorophyll is added to the diet, not only did it lead to greater weight loss for the period of study, but the longer Chlorophyll remained in the diet, the more that weight loss continued. These researchers also noticed that participants taking Chlorophyll experienced fewer cravings for junk food and lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels.

Promotes Healthy Skin

Among the many other benefits of Chlorophyll is that it promotes healthy skin. Chlorophyll is one of a number of nutrients required to help protect your skin and keep it healthy. Along with vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, antioxidants, zinc, and fatty acids, Chlorophyll activates enzymes that produce these vitamins as well as having wound healing properties for your skin.

Promotes Better Blood

Chlorophyll helps to boost your immune system by promoting the formation of hemoglobin and red blood cells in the body which carry oxygen to the tissue which can aide in healing and the reduction of inflammation.

Promotes Healthy Digestion

Chlorophyll also has reported antimicrobial properties and scientists have even stated that Chlorophyll promotes healthy digestion.

Each bottle of Verday is packed with 100mg of Chlorophyll; the same amount of Chlorophyll you would find in 2 shots of wheatgrass, 4 cups of spinach or 12 cups of arugula!

Verday quenches your thirst like water, provides the antioxidant and cleansing
benefits of a green juice, and contains 0 calories, 0 artificial sweeteners,
0 preservatives and 0 GMO-ingredients.